March 5, 2021
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Benefits of having an ATM cash machine at your business

  • Earn Revenue on each transaction
  • Reduce the amount of bad checks
  • Increase sales
  • No Risk
  • Convenient service for your customers
  • Increase amount of money customers spend
  • Possibly reduce merchant card service fees

Earning extra revenue for your business has never been easier. The local business generally receives a small portion of each transaction. In busier environments this can add up along withincreased sales mean increased revenue.

Increase foot traffic because an ATM puts money in your customers’ hands. More than 40% of that money will be spent right in your store. The average amount withdrawn from any typical ATM is $60. If, in a given week for example, 50 customers used the ATM, the merchant would have about $12,000 available to spend monthly on his/her merchandise or products. Additionally, this is $144,000 per year more to utilize for your business. An ATM provides increased foot traffic for your business. A customer will no longer have to leave your business to have access to their cash. The more customers you have spending money at your location equals additional profits!

Reduce the amount of bad checks from potential customers by letting them enjoy instant ATM access. This will save the local business surcharges of bank fees and increase sales due to providing another means of convenient payment.

Decrease credit card expense because Debit/ATM cards are being used more and more each year. They are used more often than credit cards. Because the consumer/customer now utilizes cash for his/her purchases (available through your ATM), this means fewer fees incurred for debit/credit transactions on the merchant’s credit card/POS machine. Also, the use of cash eliminates bad checks, charge backs, and no statement fee. You will save more money monthly, while earning more profits with an ATM at your place of business

Increase the amount of money customers spend…accessing money through an ATM cash machine will allow a larger proportion of the money to be spent back into the local business. Keep in mind that in drinking environments such as clubs, bars, lounges, amusement parks, this can be very high. Recent studies show increases 13% to 14% of sales volume in pubs and bars with an ATM machine installed!